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 Rent a houseboat from Barrage Gouin Outfitter

You won't regret renting a houseboat, (lien vers page location, ou sera sur la même page?) which is a great gift that everyone should get to enjoy! Life on a houseboat is a unique experience that everyone should have once in their lives. Luxury, breathtaking views, and adventure await you right here in Quebec!

Houseboat rentals from our outfitter let you:

  • Take a nature excursion to picturesque and unexplored corners of the country.
  • Go on a fishing trip like no other.
  • Reconnect with your friends and family in a cozy and fun atmosphere.

Houseboats for rent: The perfect combination of luxury and the outdoors

When you rent a houseboat from Barrage Gouin Outfitter, you will literally transport your 4-star home out onto the water. You'll even get the chance to:

  • Enjoy exceptional fishing on the Gouin Reservoir (guide service available by the day or by the hour).
  • Take in the sublime northern lights, a very rare natural phenomenon (as your houseboat is a perfect observation point!).
  • Lie on sandy beaches like you'd find in the Caribbean—but without the throngs of tourists.

Don't wait! Book your houseboat excursion today. The best vacation of your life awaits!

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